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Electric or Manual Roller Shutters – Which One Should You Go for?

March 23rd, 2021

The roller shutters in Midlands are one of the best options for the industrial settings for commercial places such as the shopping malls or individual shops. Doors and shutters can be of several types, but if you are confused to choose between manual and electric roller shutter, then you may discuss a few things with the professionals of B & L Shutters LTD who can help you in choosing the right shutter for your property. You may have a look at some points that may help you know which shutter is better for your commercial property.

What are Electrical Roller Shutters?

The electrical roller shutters Midlands can be operated automatically. People love choosing an electric roller shutter because it can work in a small motor and turn into gears. Opening and closing the door become easy if the simple push of a button can be pressed with switches. Crank of a winder is needed to be operated along with the electric roller shutter.

The electrical doors can be powered with electricity that can be operated automatically. The doors are also powered with batteries in an energy efficient way. But electrical rollers are more expensive than the manual. So, the conflict arises again, which kind of roller shutter should be chosen for your commercial place.

What are Manual Roller Shutters?

Unlike electrical shutters, manually operated roller shutter doors cannot be opened and closed automatically. There are no switches that are used to open the shutter with the help of winder and crank. No electricity is involved for opening and closing the brawn part of the door.

The manual shutter needs force to open the doors. However, it is not as expensive as an electric shutter. So, if you have a small shop or commercial area, and you want to get the shutter doors at a reasonable price, you can definitely choose manual roller shutters for your office.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Types of Doors

The electrical and manual roller shutter installations in Midlands have both strengths and weaknesses with it. Have a look at some pros and cons of both the doors.

  1. Electrical Roller Shutter


The electrical security shutters for doors are more convenient than the manual counterparts. If you choose this door, you don’t need to exert yourself for opening the automatic electric door. You just have to push a button for opening and closing.


There are high chances that roller shutter repairs in the Midlands may be needed because electrical and automatic doors can get damaged without any reason. In that case parts of the shutter may not be available. It may be the danger period when the doors are in unrepaired condition and they need to be repaired soon.

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  1. Manual Roller Shutter


The manual roller shutters in Midlands are environmentally-friendly. You can save both battery, electricity, and other energy sources if you choose a manual roller shutter for your commercial areas.


The electric doors are much faster and convenient than manual doors. If you choose a manual roller shutter, you have to open the door yourself with effort. Moreover, it is time-consuming to open and close the door. You also have to remember without the lock system manual shutter cannot be opened.

Final Thoughts

Find out which one is the best shutter for your commercial area. To purchase shutter doors from B & L Shutters LTD, contact us at 0121 557 0260/07976 444 671.

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